Zora Token Creator

Zora Token Creator

Create and deploy your own ERC20 token on Zora in just 1 minute.

4.93 / 5(680 Ratings)Zora Token Creator is rated 4.93 out of 5 stars with 680 ratings.

Token Information

Basic details about your token.

Change the number of decimals for your token.

Additional Features

Enable additional features for your token.

Enable minting for your token, only the owner can mint.

Enable burning for your token.

Allows you to pause the token.

Enable unlimited supply for your token, requires minting support.

Token Supply

Let's set the supply options for your token.

Liquidity Options

Quickly add liquidity for your token.

Automatically create and fund the liquidity pool, this will allow users to buy your token.

Deploy Token

Ready to deploy?


Looking for something else?

No compromises, no matter the choice.

We offer a number of options, so we include a standard set of features with all our tokens. All of these features are included with all of our tokens, for no extra cost, so you can rest assured that you already have the best.

Spec Compliant

Works with every wallet and exchange.

All of our tokens go through rigorous testing to make sure they are fully compliant with the standards.


Tested by the best.

All of our tokens have been audited to ensure the best security practices and standards are taken care of.

Formally Verified

The highest security standard.

All our tokens go through a formal verification process to ensure they are safe and secure.

Source Code Verified

Verified before you're done.

All of our tokens are pre-verified on all major block explorers, they show up as verified immediately.

Advanced Access Control

You're the only one with access.

Our tokens come with advance access control, making sure that only you have access to all token functions.

Trust & Confidence

Immaculate track record.

We've been building tokens for 5+ years, our tokens are used by thousands of people. Unbeatable track record.